Artist Bio

My life as an artist began when I was 6 and drew pictures of Medusa on the back of crayoned images made for the approval of my first-grade teacher (think robins bringing worms to their babies in the nest. ) My life as a fan of museum artworks began at about the same time, when I visited exhibitions of paintings by J.M.W. Turner and Andy Warhol (not seen at the same time!) at my local museum, the Nelson-Atkins.

Fast forward to freshman year in high school, when I wrote a paper on Roy Lichtenstein that my art teacher was convinced I had plagiarized. Not true. The next artistic obsession: film photography. In the 1970s, I devoured the Time-Life series on photography and I learned to develop film and print in the darkroom. I was mesmerized by some of the great photographers of the twentieth century: Emmet Gowin, Harry Callahan, Walker Evans.

Then on to college, where I got an A in a painting class, one of the few such grades on my transcript from Princeton. I made my living as a journalist, but always had a passion for the visual. After my three daughters grew up, I started taking a few continuing education classes at the Kansas City Art Institute and Johnson County Community College. Digital photography allowed me to make so many photographs that I was able to evolve and develop more of an artist’s eye.

I have been privileged to have both my photographs and paintings displayed at businesses in Kansas City. Making pictures, either by camera or by hand, is important to me as few things are.

--Laura K. Lloyd, Kansas City, MO; Fall 2018